10 Tools for More Interactive Videos

If all your recorded lectures are no more than PowerPoints with audio, a flipped classroom is no more thrilling or engaging for students than just attending class in person. So why not add some interactivity to your videos and have some fun? According to Phylise Banner, director of online teaching and learning at Clarkson University,… Read More »

Mobile learning converges with competency-based

Software developed at the University of Central Florida is powering a new way of learning Today’s student expects their learning experience to be as mobile-centric as they are. DreamDegree is an educational experience that serves up course content to students in their individual learning style, when they are ready and where they spend the most… Read More »

Suggar Addiction Help – 3 Day Diet That Removes All Negative Effects!

Sugar consumption is generally harmful to health. However, most find it difficult to limit the introduction of the recommended quantity, and often unconsciously consume more sugar. There are many foods that contain sugar, which are often involvement in our menu nutrition. These can be soft drinks, fruit juices, yoghurts with different flavors, even different sauces… Read More »

Lemon Juice Is Trending On Weight-Loss

Lemon offers us therapeutic value .There are many great wonders it can do starting from Its anti-viral, anti—bacterial and immune boosting powers.  Lemon juice for weight loss has been liked a lot by a large mass of women as it is a digestive aid and liver cleanser. Furthermore its rich in a storehouse of nutrients, citric acid,… Read More »

Marriage and Family Therapy Program Reaccredited

The COAMFTE is a specialized accrediting body that reviews master’s degree, doctoral degree and post-graduate degree clinical training programs in marriage and family therapy. The accreditation process is voluntary and requires self-study by the program, an on-site review by a selected group of peers and a review and decision by the COAMFTE to determine compliance… Read More »